software engineering

Infix Consulting has been providing system design and software development services by Larry Dickson since 1983.

Infix is able to draw on extensive experience gained from participation in projects involving enterprise scale systems developed with multi-tier, cross-platform and open source technologies in a diverse array of business contexts.

Larry is now basically retired but remains available for collaboration or occasional egagement on software development projects.

Open source projects hosted at this site are byproducts of learning exercises and experimentation with various software technologies. When experimentation results in an application that might be worth sharing, a homepage will be posted here.




manage your files with a web browser

Extensible, cross platform (Java) file manger. User interface is hosted in your web browser.




desktop gadgets developed with


Themeable, scaleable, unubtrusive additions to your desktop.


Adjustable transparancy.

Cross platform - runs on windows, linux etc...



Portfolio Information (PI)

review performance of your portfolios using a simple, browser-based solution

Using browser based storage to save data about your holdings, this web page application uses current pricing data from Alpha Vantage